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A very long time ago there was these two Banette brothers that their names are Aad and Bala.

Aad was a normal banette and Bala was a shiny one.

These two are pranksters, like to mess others Pokemon’s life sometimes. then one day at a storming night, there was this Bisharp who name is Acheron. Aad and Bala is trying to attack him but suddenly, Acheron use Nightslash moves and slice them in half.

Just like that, Acheron leaves them behind with their half bodies. then after the while, Aad is still alive on his right side. he was trying to find his other part of his body… but nowhere to be found. Aad saw his half dead brother and try to fuse with him.

having a half dead body, causing to lost of his half mind; he is somehow has been revived.

He is not the same Bannette like all the others; he got a new title call “half-dead".

what it means that he is no longer to be existed. You may seen him to be real and alive; on the outside. but on the inside, he has absolute nothing. not a heart, nor a conscious. just a walking dead, hollow puppet. to question of why his left part is gray color means that his body is decaying.

Kione means “Appear out of nowhere." what he attract more is when someone is misery. know one knows how he does it, but he knows your secrets. he has been watching you for almost everyday. Not knowing who teams will be or what is he after; all i can tell is he is a devil.

He’s attack are: Shadow ball, Shock waves, Curse and Gunk shot. his goal is simple: getting new puppets to force out the “shadow blood".

he has a special ability when it comes to Curse moves; he it found a way to strike on someone’s heart directly. once he found the target and strike through, that Pokemon will fall into a never ending nightmare. and once they are trap in to the dream, Kione can control their bodies.

Kione tries to control 8 bodies during the M5. but the Team Wayfinders prevent his plot.

and now Kione still dark as ever, watching and waiting for you to strike.
Just making an update for the old one -=-

the drawing goes to :icongaliexb:
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July 31, 2013
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